Bests Ways to Gamble for Free


There are smart people out there who’ve perfected the art of free online gambling. For starters, every casino site you visit will offer you some free bets or free slot spins, most of them rewarding you for joining and encouraging you to get involved in the action. While some of the bonuses only come into play when you place an actual bet, many sites offer free bets without you having to spend any money.

As you continue to play, many website operators sweeten your stay by awarding you additional bonuses or free play options. The competition among the many casino sites is fierce, forcing many operators to perfect the art of holding on to players. In today’s online gambling market, the player is undoubtedly king, and you may as well try to maximize the scope of all the free gambling options.

Find Sites About Free Gambling and Bonuses

A simple online search will bring you to various websites that list all the deals offered by the various sites. Such sites are designed for a player who likes to play for free and outline precisely what deal the different casino sites offer. Don’t be blinded by large “free bet” amounts as they are often subject to you investing considerably before you can actually avail of the free play options.

Read the Terms and Conditions

Rather than joining casino sites just because they seem to offer free bets and bonuses, inform yourself by reading the terms and conditions. I’ve come across many sites offering, for instance, $30 free bets only to realize that I won’t get the $30 before I pay out $10. Each site has its own way of drawing you in and it is up to you to ensure you really are getting free play.

No Deposit Sites

While lots of sites requires you to pay an initial deposit, many advertise “no deposit” betting. This may be a great incentive to join, however, remember, you will have to pay for each bet or play.

Odds Multipliers

Some sites offer to treble or multiply your odds on your first bet to encourage you to join. In essence, if you get initial odds of 10/1 and win, the payout will be calculated at 30/1.

Up Your Wager

Other sites ask you to place a bet of $5 and promise to raise your stake to $25 on joining.

Slot Sweeteners

Slot game site also offers lots of bonuses, and freebies like Videoslots Free Spins have long been exceedingly popular among slot enthusiasts.

Research, Research, Research

It’s well-worth investing a bit of time to find the best offers rather than be duped by glamorous ads. Make sure, free really means free and is not subject to any additional charges. Reading the terms and conditions may not seem like an attractive option, however, by doing so, you stand a much better chance of finding truly great deals.

Joining Multiple Sites and Creating Multiple Identities

Unfortunately, the best deals are only open to new players. Consequently, the smartest among them simply join lots of sites and if they really find a good deal, they join under multiple identities to receive the free play and bet options several times.

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