Does Anyone Use Floppy Disks Anymore?

Computers are now so ubiquitous that you are bound to have one around the house or, if not, there will be something you use daily that uses a computer to perform its function. The rate at which computers have, effectively, taken over our lives has been quite startling, and those of us over a certain age will clearly remember the excitement of seeing their first actual personal computer – and of owning one, of course! In comparison to your laptop, or tablet – or even your smartphone – those original personal computers were very basic (excuse the pun) but for us, back then, they were the most amazing thing ever!

It’s safe to say that your laptop – or whatever device you are using – has plenty of storage space, perhaps a hard drive, and also, we now have access to cloud storage, which means storing massive amounts of data, more than we could ever imagine. Back in the day, we began with data storage on cassette tapes – the younger generation probably won’t know what one of those is – and then we moved on to the revolutionary floppy disk, which could hold a massive 1.44Mb of data.

Anyone who used these probably put them in a drawer when the re-writable DVD came into being, and forgot about them. The answer to the question in our title is this: no, nobody uses them, but wouldn’t it be fun to know what is on them?

The USB Floppy Disk Drive

Did you know that you can buy a USB floppy drive and access your old floppy disks? There are many on the market, and there will be one that works with your operating system. Why would you want to access old disks? Well, why not! You never know what you might find: old games that you can play again and relive your younger days, or perhaps databases and documents that will bring back memories of fun in your youth. There may be information that you know of on your floppies, that you need to access, and one of these clever drives will enable you to access and use it on your modern machine.

Buying a USB Floppy Drive

The great thing about these surprisingly useful devices is that they are very cheap, so even if you only use it a couple of times, you will get a great deal of use out of it. There are many that work for both Mac and Windows, but we advise you to check the specifications before purchasing to make sure the one you buy suits you.

You can find out this information from an excellent review at, a great review site with many reviews of gadgets, household items and more, and one that gives you a comprehensive run-down of the top 10. They offer you their choice of pros and cons from each one, as well as advice on what you can expect to pay. So, if you want to take a trip down memory lane, why not buy one, and have a look at your old floppy disks once more!