3 Tips for Choosing a Chess App for You


Like a lot of people, I take my phone and tablet with me everywhere I go. So, I’m always looking for new and fun apps to try. I recently came across a list of the best apps for chess.

Best 10 Games for Playing Chess

Below are some helpful tips that you can find the right chess app for you.

Learn Chess’s Rules for a Good Foundation

Chess’s among the world’s most well-known board games. It’s also been around the longest and is still being played. Since it has endless moves and variations, it’s fascinated people of all ages for nearly two millennia. Chess’s history stretches back to the Gupta Empire. These days, you can play anywhere and everywhere, as well as learn. A lot of people get confused with the game.

Since the system’s so complex, you want to learn the rules of chess when you learn how to play chess. One way to do this is by choosing an app that offers a great tutorial. This will help you with understanding the basics of chess and forming a very clear outline of what chess is and what it’s able to do.

If you don’t want to be trained by an app, there are also apps that connect you with chess mentors who can teach you. This training comes with lots of hands-on experience and is interactive.

Download Free Apps so You Don’t Spend a Lot of Money

There are some apps that are worth paying for, especially if you are planning to use it a lot. But if you’re just interested in chess in passing, there are plenty of free chess apps.

Like other types of games, chess apps often are free for downloading but require you to make small purchases. These games are known as freemium and they let you get rid of those annoying ads. Some other features also might get unlocked with these purchases.

For a really luxurious experience, it’s possible you’ll have to pay more. If you want to download one of the apps that has a lot of features, it’s possible that you are going to spend from $2-$10. If you really love chess, chances are that it won’t be a huge investment, especially when some of the apps can be played across different platforms, where you can connect your laptop, iPhone and Android phone without losing anything.

Choose the Correct Level for Challenging Your Brain

Along with being a lot of fun, chess also can be very hard for a newbie. Someone who is new to the game might find that they’re overwhelmed, particularly when they play against the computer which has countless potential moves from which to choose. If you’re new to playing chess, you’ll want to choose the app that’s easy, without a lot of extras. You’ll want to also choose one with the ‘easy’ setting. This will stop you from becoming really frustrated.

As you play more and you learn how to deduce and analyze, you’ll be able to find more challenging apps. Slowly introduce the apps that offer more options and then see what the game’s offering.

Chess is so much more complex than checkers. If you have been playing chess for a couple of decades, look for an app that gives you a true challenge. There are apps for chess online out there that will truly work your mind!


Whether you are just trying to learn how to play or you want to improve your chess strategy, a chess app is the best way. Use my tips above to find the right chess app for you based on your experience and your level.

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