Though I started this blog so that I could talk about the things that I love most about computers, programming, and technology, I soon found that my expertise had attracted quite a large audience of people.

This is when I got the idea for advertising products that fall into the technology sphere to the people who come to my blog looking for advice on software they should use and services that may benefit them.

As a business owner, you may be able to provide something that my audience can use. If so, I would love to hear from you so that we can set up an advertising partnership that will allow you to get more out of The Hacker Chick Blog.

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Deliver Your Message

I want to make sure that word gets out about who you are and what you do. It’s why I offer all visitors to the site the opportunity to write guest posts for the blog, but it’s also the core philosophy behind my advertising partnerships. By advertising with me you will be reaching a large and relevant audience that wants to hear more about what you do. I can make sure that your message is delivered to those people right at the point when they are most ready to hear it. For you, this translates to people being more engaged by your message, increasing the likelihood of them becoming customers for your business.

Generate Leads

Getting your message out there is one thing, but appealing to a relevant audience won’t mean a whole lot if that audience isn’t large enough to generate a few leads for your business. That’s why I’m open about the number of people The Hacker Chick Blog attracts. At the time of writing this site pulls in 18,000 unique visitors each and every month, alongside thousands of computer enthusiasts who are looking for businesses just like yours. That’s a huge pool of people who are actively searching for what you have to offer, meaning you generate more than enough leads to make an advertising campaign with this site cost-effective.

I Handle The Technical Stuff

If you’ve taken a bit of time to peruse the blog you will have noticed that I’m a bit of a dab hand when it comes to technology. I thrive on solving problems and that’s the approach I take with your advertising campaign. With online advertising, the problem is usually making the entire thing cost-effective while also investing as little time as possible into the tweaking that can distract you from actually running your business. I step in to handle all of the technical stuff for you. I’ll ensure the adverts perform as they should and they have placements on the site that mean they appeal to the right people at the perfect time.

Saving Time

In addition to the technical aspects, I also help you with how your advert will appear to the site’s visitors. I can provide advice when it comes to ad copy, design features that appeal to our users and much more. This again saves you a ton of time that might have been spent mired in the design process, so you can get your adverts onto The Hacker Chick Blog and working for you within weeks, if not days, from when you first made contact with me.

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So now I hope you’re interested in starting your advertising journey with The Hacker Chick Blog and you want to get in touch. You can do so by using one of the contact forms.