8 Cybersecurity Agencies in China


With the execution of economic development and trade liberalisation that commenced under Deng Xiaoping in the 1970s, China has been proving to be one of the world’s most powerful and fast-growing economies. It is safe to assume that with the growing prominence of China’s active role as a global powerhouse, being advanced in technology and cyberspace, the country will lead in terms of political, military, and economic aspects. Cybersecurity in Shanghai and all over China has been rapidly evolving in terms of institutions, laws, and standards as the country aims to replace foreign suppliers with local counterparts. 

While the country is reflecting a prominent sign of surpassing the west in cybersecurity, the top agencies are incorporating a range of approaches to innovate in the industry. The segmentation of the top companies is based on certain factors like innovative ideas, route to market, product, growth strategy, management, and societal impact. Below are the top eight cybersecurity agencies that are thriving in Shanghai currently, strengthening China’s position as a leading nation in the cybersecurity space. 


SEIRIM is trusted worldwide by companies for offering a myriad of services that help SMEs keep their digital assets secured. Ideal for companies of all sizes and budgets, SEIRIM offers services that cover different aspects of protecting businesses in the digital landscape. With a highly skilled team of experts, SEIRIM is all about comprehending the basics, selecting appropriate devices, scanning, planning, and leading businesses to achieve regulatory compliance such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS, GDPR, and more. From providing cybersecurity consulting and vulnerability assessment to risk assessment and ransomware protection, the agency has been proclaimed one of the leading 250 managed security service providers in the world at present. 

Qi An Xin

In an array of different areas encompassing government, energy, finance, telecom, and more, Qi An Xin is one of the leading cybersecurity companies in China that is focused on safeguarding critical and important internet assets. With a more than 90% CAGR since 2015, Qi An Xin has been renowned as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Chinese cybersecurity landscape. With over 6000 professionals, the company has been adopted by major banks, state-owned companies, as well as a majority of government departments. 


With the help of a comprehensive data analysis platform and machine learning algorithms, HanSight is moving in the direction of changing the landscape of the entire cybersecurity space in China. In the rapidly expanding risks associated with cyber breaches, threats, and frauds that may put an organisation’s financial and digital assets at risk, the company strives to empower them to prevent such occurrences.  


ThreatBook is known for its services in providing threat intelligence solutions to clients that include machine learning, threat data, and security research. Their products and services cover a diverse portfolio, from threat intelligence subscription-based services and situational awareness to threat analysis platforms and machine-readable threat intelligence. 


In China’s cybersecurity landscape, Trusfort is one of the prominent providers of business security solutions and is renowned for proposing the idea of “human-oriented business security” in China. The company assists clients in establishing a safe, smart, and reliable business system by using AI technology to create information security and offering an entire lifecycle of business security protection. Driven by multi-dimensional technologies like AI, information security, and identity authentication, the agency has offered multiple business cyber security services to finance, government, operating, and other industries. 

River Security

Founded in 2012, with headquarters in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Beijing, and a research centre in Chengdu, the company has been offering active defence security systems. This technology adopted by the agency is capable of defending against a diverse range of newer means of attack, and is more efficient, timely, and cost-effective. 


Specifically dedicated to IoT security, Big Data and applications, iJiami is a professional mobile information security service provider operating worldwide. The company’s vision lies in providing a powerful, collaborative, and highly-secured IoT network through enhanced security solutions along with 24/7 expert service. From financial institutions and SMEs to governments and operators, the services provided by iJiami have helped clients from every industry. 


 The company offers services directed at public security and judicial institutions that cover tailored voiceprint identification system security services. SpeakIn allows the creation of a voiceprint database along with voiceprint identification and automated voiceprint recognition solutions. Their services also include anti-telecom fraud, criminal case detection, counter-terrorism, and more to fight against crime and build a safer public environment. 


The strong online ecosystem and powerful entrepreneurial setting have been fuelling China’s rise to the position of the world’s largest digital economy. And with the rising threats associated with cyberattacks, the surge in cybersecurity is also seen as prominent in the country for national security reasons. 

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