The Benefits of Private Cloud Services for Business Users


For many web users, the cloud is the cloud. However, there are distinctions that run much deeper than that, and one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make for your business network is whether to use a public or a private service.

With a public cloud service, you’re essentially taking a portion of an existing set-up. With a private service, the environment will be dictated around the exact needs of your company. Going private can be a little more expensive than staying with a public service, many of which are completely free up to a certain storage level, but the benefits of a private service can make the cost more than worth it.

Improved Security

Since a private cloud service will be dedicated to your organization alone, all of the hardware you use and the data you save is treated to a higher level of security; other clients in the same data centre will not be able to access it, and any malicious attempts at entry will be recognised and dealt with almost immediately.


As a business customer, you need to know that the online services you choose can be adjusted around your changing needs. This can be difficult, if not impossible, when you use a public cloud service. The architecture will be set in stone, with very little room to change things to work with your business. When you opt for a private service, the performance of hardware and your network can be precisely specified.


It might be that you are going to be expected to handle sensitive information on behalf of your clients. In this case, you will definitely want to veer clear of public cloud services. These might once have been acceptable, but the fact that the network will be shared with other people means that compliance checks are becoming harder to come by unless you go private.

Public cloud services might be ideal for personal use and for smaller businesses, but any large or medium sized company needs to make the upgrade to a private alternative.

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