Best Tools For Successful Software Developers


Being new to coding means that you’ll be looking for custom mobile app development and any helpful tools to expand and enrich your skills as a developer.  Working in the realm of coding means that you are a digital problem solver. New tools will help you stay at the top of your game.  

Once you are established in your career, you’ll likely have a handful of your favorite tools.  When you’re new to the industry, you need a foundational knowledge of some essential tools for your developer’s toolkit.  

Your first line of defense is to become familiar with continuous testing as a model for perfection.  Check out this brief summary of some of the best tools for successful software developers, and consider which suggestions might best suit your needs.


When you’re learning to play a musical instrument or become a trained singer, you hone your skills with challenging such as singing or playing scales.  In sports, you run through obstacles, exercise your eye-hand coordination, and other physically challenging activities.

As a developer, you can hone your skills by running through some small programming challenges.  Codewars presents hungry developers with various programming challenging, and it’s a great way to boost your familiarity with the language.  


A product of GitHub, Atom is a great code editing tool for developers.  It’s free, which automatically puts it on the list of top tools, and it’s great for hacking around at scripts, or making progress on that special side project.  

Atom is a cool tool for the ability to use markdown preview mode.  Developers have the option to insert notes, and see an inline preview, which is super helpful when you’re learning to work with readme files.

Code Climate

Code Climate will help young (or old) developers test and analyze their coding for an app by testing several aspects: security, complexity, style, and more.  You won’t get Code Climate completely free, but they do offer a free trial period for curious developers.

The Raspberry Pi & Arduino

You can find plenty of time to play around with the Raspberry Pi.  It’s a small, single-board computer that you can use to create a small server and even musical instruments.  Wherever your mind chooses to take the program, you will always have the option of exploration in your craft.  

Arduino is very much like Raspberry Pi, but it’s a smaller operation.  It may challenge you a bit more with the hurdle of using both electrical components and programming to get the job done.  


You can use CodePen for collaboration with other front-end developers, to present and share different project formations.  The site will provide you with some exemplary examples of development from which to pull inspiration.

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