Blinded with Science: The Advantages and Artistry of Glass Water Pipes

There’s something about looking at water pipes that makes you feel like the world’s coolest chemist. Smooth, clear, clean, a well-made glass water pipe feels confidently heavy in the hand, reassuring. The artistry and invention are fascinating, but even better, a glass water pipe is simply a superior — and, all things being equal, healthier — way to smoke. A good glass pipe store is a great place to start, but more on that in a minute.

Are You Experienced?

Let’s assume you’re a novice smoker. Sometimes called bongs, water pipes are literally that: pipes usually made of glass and molded into different shapes that contain a small amount of water. When you use one, the smoke travels through the water, which cools and cleans it. Invented in India or Persia centuries ago, these pipes offer smokers a smoother, mellower experience. Filtered through the water, the smoke loses its harshness and becomes gently soft by the time it reaches your palate.

I Can See Clearly Now

After smoking on a water pipe repeatedly, you may notice that the inside of the pipe or the chambers and water are becoming somewhat discolored with amber-brown material from the smoking material — essentially, a buildup of toxins that have been filtered out for you by the water. This filtering reduces potentially undesirable byproducts in the smoke and keeps them in the pipe where they can be easily cleaned out. Smoking residues are better off staying in the pipe, so overall, smoking one is a safer method of enjoying tobacco or other products.

Just My Imagination

Here’s why Head Shop Headquarters is amazing: Imagine a collection of water pipes that look like antique oil lamps, Erlenmeyer flasks, or futuristic instruments. Imagine a plume of smoke traveling in a twisting spiral of clear glass like a compact fluorescent bulb, or a colored glass propeller spinning inside a glass tube. Even if you’re not a smoker, looking at such a diverse selection of their water pipes will make you appreciate the artists’ inventiveness and sense of fun. From the clean lines of a classic pipe to an entertaining design where you watch smoke travel up a clear coil, these pipes are amazing. 

What’s more, they’re extremely novice-friendly. At the same time, they offer a well-chosen variety for experienced connoisseurs with popular brands like Medicali, UPC, HVY, ZOB, Envy, and Delta 9. They literally have over a hundred different kinds of pipes on their website, and they are very happy to field any questions about products and prices. Just send them an email or check out their website.

Bottom Line

Water pipes provide a superior smoking experience, whether we’re talking aesthetically, practically, or otherwise. Cooling smoke, keeping harmful byproducts in the pipe (and not in you), and providing an entertaining and enjoyable experience, water pipes are a popular choice for many smokers. It’s easy to see why.


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