The Ever-Changing Face of Online and Digital Entertainment Trends

Online entertainment is now one of the biggest entertainment sectors in the UK, with an increasing number of us turning towards our phones, tablets and computers to replace more traditional forms of entertainment such as watching subscription television, reading, visiting casinos and booking shops and even the way we communicate.

2017 marks 10 years since the launch of the very first iPhone, and the technology sector has been rapidly expanding ever since with over 70% of us owning a smart phone and 89.8% of us hooked up to the internet in one way or another, it is no surprise that so many of us turn to our phones and the web as a form of entertainment.

But as we make our way through another year, what more can the online and digital entertainment sector expect to see?

Smart TVs

It was announced early in the year that 3D TV were going to stop production and the once-promising must-haves have retired to the graveyard of one-hit-wonders – but what will replace the 3D television? The digital world is always changing and whilst mistakes can be made – like with the 3D TV – a failed product just opens the door for greater advances.

The newer Smart TV has seen a much better reception on the market and an increasing number of us are updating our televisions to models with smart capabilities – but 2017 is expected to see even further growth. With so many companies launching competing to create the “best” smart TV, experts are expecting better a better user experience, integrated artificial intelligence and changes to traditional screen shapes.

Online Gaming

At the end of 2016 two of the largest booking agents in the UK merged, closing a number of shops between them – many people speculate the merger happened as a result of many regular customers turning to online avenues. Regardless of how the surge in online gaming began, many of us turn to our phones and tablets to play for both fun and money and with so many different sites, apps and offers to choose from it can see overwhelming. Sites like can help you to decide on the best sites for you.

2017 is also expected to see the launch of more live action games after the success of Pokémon Go in the summer as well as a number of new additions to all of our traditional favourites. There aren’t many of us who don’t distract ourselves with a quick game – whether it’s Angry Birds, Solitaire or a quick game of roulette there are thousands of games to enjoy – so new advances are likely to affect us all.

VR and AI 

Some of the biggest advances we’re expected to see in the online and digital entertainment centre with virtual reality promising to make a huge impact on how we consume our media in 2017. After the successes of 2017, VR is thought to change how we game, how we discover different locations and the perspective from which we see a film.

Artificial intelligence, however, is expected to become greater integrated in our social media platforms, Google and online shopping – helping us to see more of what we want and a lot less of what we don’t.

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