A Fantastic Journey: Final Fantasy 15 is Here


The wait is finally over, Final Fantasy 15 is finally here. This game picks up with you trying to build an empire and making it as powerful as possible. You will be given armies to control, resources to mine and magic to discover in order to expand your territory as much as possible while defending your kingdom against nearby threats. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that you get the most out of the game.


With many games you can just skip the tutorial to rush to the meat of the game. That is not the case here. Be sure to follow the tutorial to the letter and do every little quest available at the beginning. This will give you tons of resources and will teach you how to make your buildings as quickly as possible. There will be a lot to learn, but the tutorial takes you through it all at a good pace.

During your first 24 hours, there will be a barrier erected around your empire. This will keep monsters and opposing kingdoms from attacking you, so make your best use of the time while the barrier is still there.


This is a social game where you must make connections in order to keep your empire safe. Joining a guild is essential because it ensures that there are others keeping an eye out for you. When you are attacked, you can request help. Answering these requests benefits everyone because you will get help while they get Loyalty Points. These points are used to buy premium items.

You get gold for joining a guild, access to premium items and much more. Definitely join a guild as quickly as possible to boost your chances of surviving.

Training Grounds

You are given four types of troops in your army: mages, warriors, cavalry and siege engines. Each has its own pros and cons, but you’ll want to power them all up to improve your overall offensive and defensive abilities. Making sure that you constantly bring them to the training grounds to learn more skills and sharpen their tactics is essential. You can only have one type of troop there at a single time, so be sure to rotate your forces so that they all power up.

Making your hero character stronger requires a different strategy. Your hero can make a huge difference in battle, and often the hero can defend your kingdom from incoming threats before they do any damage. There are various hero quests that will help this character level up, along with monsters that will give you Ability Points to spend on the character to boost skills and power. 


There are many types of quests available. Do your best to take on as many as possible. There are empire, VIP, guild and hero quests, and they range from basic, common and uncommon status. Each quest affects a different area of your growth and kingdom, and a higher status means better rewards.

When you’re looking at your empire, you’ll often notice certain quests popping up on the screen. It’s best to do these first since these recommended quests tend to yield a Speed Up item that dramatically reduces how long the quest would normally take. You can use this tactic to quickly build your empire.


This game is all about building your empire and ensuring that it can survive in the world. From mining resources to building your forces, there is a lot to accomplish. Following these tips will make the game just a little bit easier so that you have a chance to flourish.

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