Good Web Design Principles to Adhere to


Duplicate content and website design has always been a problem that sites have had to deal with. A great solution to this problem is a simple yet powerful enhancement: intelligent duplicate prevention.

With this feature, your website will search for existing content and, if it finds any duplicate pages, will only display the ones that are relevant to your website. If you find that the duplicate content is relevant to another website, you’ll still get to keep the original. This enhancement can help reduce the size of your website’s 404 errors.

Mobile Website Redesign

Many website owners will have experienced the frustrating experience of having their website created (even for deep web guides), but not being able to see how it will look on their desktop or laptop computers. This is why it’s so important to have a mobile responsive website so that it works with all of your devices.

If you’re interested in a mobile website, the most basic option is to use a responsive theme. A responsive theme changes depending on what device you’re using to access it.

With the right responsive theme, you can send your users to different pages depending on the device they’re using to access your website. The pages that will appear on their devices will usually be smaller and will only show the content that is relevant to their device. If they’re using a large monitor, then that content will be stretched to fill the width of the monitor.

Image-based Apps

When you think of most CMS websites, you may immediately think of a number of other design options like videos, simple documents and lots of social media widgets. But one of the most popular CMS solutions, WordPress, also has its own unique, web-based apps that you can use to enhance your website.

This is called WooCommerce, and, if you’re looking for a way to build an online store, you can do it with this awesome software.

Block Banners

This is a great enhancement for your website that many people have been using for years. Instead of just making a banner ad on your website, you can make it block by putting it in a sidebar or anywhere on your website that your visitors will be able to see it.

If you would like to learn more about how to make your own banner ads, then you should take a look at this step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own banner ads.

Converting Text to a Link

Some website owners will create a text box with a link to some sort of information on it. However, many times visitors will either ignore the link or click it with the intention of viewing something else.

A great enhancement to this problem is to create an image that you can place in the text box that contains a text box. This is called text-to-link enhancement and can create a lot of value for your website visitors.

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