In-House or Hired-Out: Which Option is Best for Your Business when You Guest Post?


While guest blogging has been the subject of debate over the last several years, it is still one of the best content marketing strategies that your business can cultivate. Not only will it bring more awareness to your brand, but it will also help to increase traffic to your website and expand your network. In fact, according to data released by Compendium, 80 percent of all daily traffic to a blog consists of first time visitors. Contributing to guest blogs is a great way to build the trust of potential customers, and by utilizing keyword research from your own content, you may experience unprecedented success on your own site. Choosing an external company for your guest blogging has the following benefits.

Allows You to Leverage Expertise

When discussing expertise, it isn’t just about being able to write. Expertise also covers important aspects, like experience in a particular role, domain knowledge, and the ability to manage projects of varying degrees of complexity. Outsourcing your guest blogging tasks allows you to leverage the strategies, ideas, and best practices of an industry veteran. Experienced content developers are also able to forecast any upcoming trends and guide you toward creating a plan that will prepare you to meet future requirements.

Save Money

If you want to set up your own internal content creation team, it’s going to cost you a lot of time and money. First, you need to hire the right people with the right skills and provide a generous compensation plan to attract the crème de la crème of writers. Then, you need train your staff on how to use the required software for the job, and possibly hire freelance writers to help during the busy season. This all costs money. By utilizing a guest posting service, who already has the tools, procedures, and processes in place you can save yourself a ton of time and money.

Gain Greater Quantitative Benefits

Companies that use content marketing, have noticed conversion rates that are nearly six times higher than those who don’t have a content marketing strategy in place, according to the Content Marketing Institute. You can gauge these benefits through the performance of various metrics, which can be seen in the return on investment, ROI. However, if the in-house content team doesn’t have the experience or skills to tailor the content to meet specific goals, these benefits can seldom be seen.

Reach a Wider Audience

Most agencies that specialize in content creation and guest blogging services also act as content marketing firms with their own home-grown social media networks, which they use to market the content they create. Often these agencies will allow their clients access to their social media networks, which will enable you to be discovered by a new audience, gaining broader exposure to a larger audience.

Guest blogging is a powerful way for your company to gain more exposure and build a loyal customer base. Outsourcing this activity to a qualified content creation service provides numerous benefits including saving you time and money so you can focus on the more important aspects of your business.


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