Top 4 Most Popular Kenworth Semi Truck Models


There are various semi truck manufacturers in the industry today. However, it still remains that Kenworth is one of the most established ones in the industry. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that they have produced some of the best big rig models of all time. Read on to have a good idea of some of the most popular Kenworth semi truck models.

On-highway: T680

When it comes to trucks intended for highway traversing, then you can rely on the big rigs making up Kenworth’s T680 lineup. Even if you go for used Kenworth semi trucks for sale in this lineup for cost-effectiveness, you won’t be disappointed. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the T680 models are designed to cater to an optimum performance that can withstand the test of time. 

From the original T680 series, the T680 next gen emerged, which were re-engineered to deliver even better performance, paving the way for maximum profitability which is great for business ventures. On the other hand, the T680E is another by-product of this model that specifically features zero emission for the good of the environment. This is one of the best big rig models that you can consider in case you are conscious about your carbon footprint.

Vocational: T880

Vocational big rigs are expected to complete the most difficult jobs. Kenworth’s T880 series is composed of bulk tractors and tankers, as well as dump trucks and mixers. Heavy haulers and refuse trucks are also included in this series. The tasks that are expected from these big rigs are usually the hardest ones in the industry. Nevertheless, the models coming from Kenworth always deliver which is why if you need a truck for any of these applications, then you should go for the ones produced by Kenworth.

Medium Duty: T180/T280

Medium duty trucks are expected to still be robust and versatile. Fortunately, Kenworth offers these kinds of models which can overcome even the toughest operating challenges in the field. Alongside this, the engine of Kenworth’s T180/T280 models is optimized to be efficient in fuel consumption, allowing you to yield better profitability and enhanced productivity. The chassis design of the models in this lineup is also crafted to be highly maneuverable.

Off-highway: C500

For trucks that are set to traverse off the highway, you should consider the models in Kenworth’s C500 series. They are made to withstand even the toughest off-road applications, boasting various cab options to suit the requirements of your application. The enhanced cab length also brings forth improved driver comfort that proves to be beneficial for those who frequently spend long hours on the road.

Final Word

Kenworth produces various semi truck models that are designed to suit various applications. The ones listed above are only some of the most popular ones. If you want to get the truck that will be considered as the perfect addition to your fleet, then make sure that you are aware of your specific requirements. In doing so, you will certainly be able to purchase the Kenworth big rig that is the perfect addition to your fleet.

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