What are the 3 key benefits of a lone worker alarm?


When it comes to protecting lone workers there are a number of different areas that you can look at in terms of safeguarding methods and added safety protection systems. With a lot of UK workers going into a lockdown and as a result going back into lone working, it is certainly a good time to consider the health and safety of workers operating in isolation.

Whilst office workers will likely not need any technological alert systems to protect them from hazards, other lone workers who may be operating in warehouses and manufacturing may benefit from the added safety of a lone worker alarm.

In today’s blog, we take a look at the 3 key benefits of lone worker alarms and how they can help your employees.

  1. Lone worker alarms reduce the response time to accidents

When it comes it comes to accident response times, the shorter the process of getting to the injured person, the better the chances of survival and minimising long term injury. Lone worker alarms can help here as not only are they good for monitoring the location and potentially vital signs of workers, they also can act as both silent and audible alarms. The alarm usually goes out to an external department which can coordinate a response plan.

  1. They add peace of mind for lone workers

Peace of mind is a difficult benefit to measure in workers however it can lead to a variety of complementary improvements in both worker morale and worker productivity. If workers know they have an alarm that can be used when they are working alone this gives them the peace of mind to focus on their job without worrying too much about any potential dangers.

  1. They increase compliance levels and safety for the entire workforce

Compliance is very important in health and safety and when you are managing a large workforce keeping each and every member of the team as safe as they can possibly is important both from a moral and legal perspective. Lone worker alarms can help you protect workers and provide the necessary safeguards to fulfil your duty of care as an employer.

Approach lone worker safety management in the correct way

Whilst lone worker alarms are a good way to protect those working in isolation, they far form a silver bullet and the process should be approached in a holistic way. Make sure you regularly check in with employees and give them the correct training for working alone. This will increase their overall safety.

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