What Are Top 10 Easy to Handle Team Collaboration Softwares

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Success of any type of business, ranging from small to large scale, depends highly on the understanding, relationship, efficiency and overall collaboration of the management and the employees.

In the progressing world, keeping up with the latest technology and trends is essential. Collaborative softwares plays a vital part in assisting and encouraging people to work together on the same project and achieve the desired goals. In simple words, it increases the productivity of people.

Collaboration softwares are a must to have if you want your files, data and documents to be managed as well as processed and shared. It gives its users a luxury to work with two or more people altogether.

Whether you and your team partners are not in the same location and even in the same country or not but collaborative softwares will provide you the chance to work together. The changes made to the files from one end will be made across all users so that no one lags behind but enjoys the updated data.

Let’s now move towards the other benefits collaborative softwares provide their users with;

Productivity Enhancers:

Employees often come across different challenges that confuse them. On time help, information and action are required in such situations. Employees now have access to the supportive colleagues no matter how far he/she may be.

Easy Tracking:

For the employees, it used to be a difficult process to obtain certain information right away. It was due to the fact they had to wait for the supportive person to come online and assist them. However, now all the information is just a search away.

Keeping Check On Progress:

Collaborative softwares also gives the bosses a luxury to view the progress level of their employees. Besides, it can also be checked when the document was last updated.

United Workforce:

That is actually the most useful aspect of collaborative softwares. It is not feasible for all of us to come to the same geographical location and work. To cater the need, these softwares allow you to work from anywhere on the same project.

Top 10 Team Collaborative Softwares:

After discussing some of the main benefits these collaborative softwares offer, you must surely be impressed and wondering about the best yet user friendly team collaborative softwares for yourself. Inevitably, these softwares are today’s need especially if you are a business.

To make it easy for you to choose one, we have listed some easy to use and convenient collaborative softwares for you. So, gear up!


It is a new software into the market but it is thriving hard as one of the best team collaborative softwares. It allows all the industries to have their work done in the shortest time with great efficiency. Most of all, it is not at all complex to be used. It deals with all the collaborative needs under one roof.


It is one of the oldest softwares and offers a basic free version. Businesses that have to meet the needs of their clients and meet the deadlines have been seen taking the help of Asana.


It is one of the famous collaborative softwares almost everyone knows about. It doesn’t date back that old but provides chances to all the businesses of any size to get assisted. Currently, it offers a free plan as well as a standard plan.

ProProfs Project

Without forcing you to seek any sort of training on how to use team collaborative softwares, it gives you the chance to use its features with great ease. Moreover, it has a free plan, essential plan and a premium plan.


People often use it as an alternative to Slack. It allows you to communicate with the people who are not even a part of Fleep by just making the email a requirement. It is available in a basic free plan and a business plan.

Cisco WebEx

Offering a number of features from screen sharing, meeting scheduling and recording and many more, Cisco WebEx is available in a premium package.


Serving almost the same features as Slack, in the beginning, Flock seems complicated but with time it is as easy to be used as any other software. You can avail it in a free plan, pro plan and enterprise plan.


Providing its users with the facility to perform a number of tasks, from instantly messaging the team members to coordinating, video calling them, creating groups and having integrations and a lot more, Fluxble has marked its importance.

Google Drive

How can we forget our very own Google Drive which is known for its files sharing and cloud storage. It is fast and safe with a large number of users.


Flaunting more than 7 million followers globally, it came into being around 7 years ago. Its commonly known advantage is that it transfers files as fast as possible.

Hopefully, now you know what the top 10 are easy to handle collaboration softwares. Introducing the team collaboration softwares and giving the basic training to your workforce about the usage of the preferred software, you can reach the peak of success.

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