What Will the Future of Personal Tech Advertise?


By the year2021, the United States of America will most likely be a technological superpower. But how will we recognize the advances? What can we look for? This article offers some answers.

Visionaries are techno savvy individuals with innovative ideas and a drive to change things. They often use technology to solve real-world problems and bring benefits to people. Visionaries can be found in all walks of life, from business leaders to homeowners. They are the ones who see visions and provide solutions. The real question is how do you recognize these visionary technology advances.

Some of the most exciting advances of the tech century will be in the areas of the computer and Internet. Both are growing exponentially. One such tech innovation is the digital baby video recorder. A baby video recorder will allow grandparents to see their grand-children as they sleep.

Another computer tech advance is the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things will connect home automation systems to the home computer so that consumers can remotely control different accessories and appliances in their home. As a homeowner, you can have the television, refrigerator, lights, heaters and air conditioning turn on before you get out of bed. You could have the TV turn off when you leave the house for the day. This is pretty much the same concept as having an assistant at your beck and call.

A few other tech advances include self-driving cars, body worn cameras and wearable technology like Google Glass. The future of technology is about making the impossible possible. Imagine being able to drive to work without wearing a seat belt or taking a pill from your desk. We can make our lives easier by improving our health, energy and mobility. Some of these inventions already exist but most are still in the very early stages.

Tech is changing our lives every day. The more we adapt, the more we can go green and reduce our impact on the planet. But some of these innovations are already here and just growing in leaps and bounds. It’s an exciting time to be alive.

How will the future affect you? What will you miss if something is not done today? What will you gain by doing something? In the words of a 20th century futurist, “Yes or no, you are welcome to participate!”

Today’s tech makes our lives easier, more comfortable and improves our quality of life. The future of personal tech will be as personal as your own personal computer. Some of the devices already in use will allow you to access the web, check your email, write a review of your vacation and send an instant message to a friend. In the future, there will be less need for software downloads, fewer data plans and less need for you to know the passwords to external devices, no more discarding important data or papers and no more having to rekey your personal computer settings each time you want to use it.

The key to future personal tech advancements is not to buy the hottest and newest gadget or electronic device but rather to keep upgrading it all the time. Technology changes quickly and what worked ten years ago may not work today. Newer generations of computer software and hardware will find innovative ways to make computing fun and more pleasurable. Computers will become a part of our lives. If we choose to use them wisely, they can enrich our lives and even challenge our understanding of the universe.

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