What you would need for your first web hosting


If you are just building your first website either for yourself or your business, there are some things that you are going to need. This article will discuss the various things you will need for your first web hosting.

Domain name
The first thing you need to look out for is a domain name for your business. The domain name is the address to the content that you are going to be uploading online. Thus, whatever your domain name is would have to be typed on the address bar of a web browser. The web browser would subsequently download the content of the home page of your website and the person visiting the site would be able to read them. It can be very tricky getting a domain name. Especially in current times when there are hundreds of millions of websites online and a lot of other domain names bought by people who want to resell them at higher prices. It is either you end up buying an expensive one or you might need to do a lot of thinking to find the right name. Most of the easy and short names have already been taken, so you would be left with trying to find the best available name. In some cases, you might even want to first find a domain name before finally naming your business in line with your website name. you can buy domain names cheaply from NameCheap and use their web hosting services after reading about NameCheap.

Web hosting space
You would need a space to host your website. When hosting your website, you will be interested in the type of Cpanel that your web host is going to provide you with, the features of the Cpanel as well as other factors such as disk size and bandwidth size. All of these play a vital role in the uploading and functioning of your website. You would also want to know how reputable the web host is, especially in terms of keeping your website online (uptime). You don’t want a situation where your website is frequently offline due to issues with the web hosting platform you are using. Thus, you should take time to research on the web hosting platform that you are going to use.

A designed website
With your domain name and your web hosting ready, you need to get your website designed as soon as possible and have it uploaded. Designing your website could be achieved in various ways. You could either design the website by yourself or your contract the designing to a professional web designer. There are also some tools and software that make it easy for you to design your website by yourself. Some of the software helps you to design a beautiful website without you having to write any code. Once you are through designing your website, you upload them to your web hosting platform, ensure that it is life and that all the pages and features are working properly.

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