5 Common Types of Accident Claims

When you have been unfortunate enough to have suffered an accident, at work, home or when out and about, then it is important to understand that you can make a compensation claim. Many individuals are unaware that they can make a claim for the following accidents. We share with you the 5 most common accident claims.

1. Falls and other work related injuries

There are many hazards in the workplace, and if your employer fails to provide you with the necessary safety equipment and resources, and you suffer an accident, then you can make an accident at work claim. The most common type of accident at work is that from falling from a height, such as when on ladders or scaffolding.

Risks are of course, unavoidable, but your employer must carry out risk assessments to reduce risks in the workplace. It is also compulsory that you undergo health and safety training before you commence work.

2. Road accidents

The roads are now more congested than ever before, and even if you drive safely, accidents can, and still do happen. When you are involved in a car accident that was not your fault, for example if a car drives into you while it is speeding, then you can make a car accident claim. This process involves you making a claim against the driver who caused the injury. You will be able to claim compensation for the loss of income and any injuries that were sustained, due to the accident.

3. Medical negligence

The UK has one of the best health care systems in the world, but even in these safe hands, medical errors and negligence can occur. All medical practitioners have a duty of care towards their patients while in hospital, receiving treatment in clinic etc. Failure to do so, that then results in injury or harm, can mean that you can make a medical negligence claim for compensation. Examples include an operation that has gone wrong, amputation of the wrong limb or the administration of an incorrect drug.

4. Slips and tripping up

Slips and trips are the most common causes of accidents in the UK. These types of accidents can occur when we walk outside on uneven pavements and when shop floors are wet. These problems occur when the safety needs of the public have not been met, for example not putting out a wet floor sign, or not mopping up spills. If another person/company is responsible for your accident and resulting injury, then you are entitled to make a slip and trip claim for compensation.

  1. Repetitive strain injuries

Finally, the fifth most common accident claim in the UK is that for repetitive strain injury that is also referred to as RSI. This is when a worker suffers an injury because of the repetitive nature of their work, upon the same muscles, day in day out, hour after hour. Such injuries can be prevented via health and safety measures, protective clothing and safety measures. When your employer fails to provide training, support and regular breaks from the repetitive activity, they can be made accountable, and you can make a repetitive strain injury claim for compensation. Such injuries can result in a loss of earnings and increase pain.

These are the five most common causes of accident claims, but there are obviously many more. Be sure that you know your rights, and if you think you are entitled to compensation, make that claim.

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