5 Most Popular Electric Scooter Rental Ride Sharing Apps


While the consumer-facing market revels in the competitive pricing created by disruptive technology, the techies on the other side of things are applying this disruption to pretty much every sphere of the tech world. As someone who might be looking to purchase an electric scooter of your own, why not use electric scooter rental ride sharing apps to perhaps try out many different models before settling on one which would make for the perfect fit for you?

Hey, you might perhaps even decide not to pull the trigger and buy your very own one, so long as you can rent one whenever you want from one, more or all of the most popular electric scooter ride sharing apps. Either way, you’d do well to check out https://scootersdream.com first so that you know exactly what to look out for when running your little tests of each scooter you try out.

These aren’t listed in any specific order…


Offering a range of different e-scooter rental services, Berlin-based startup, Wind is a very strong competitor to both Bird and Lime, having raised $22 million to operate in different cities, hotels, universities and companies. Hourly and daily rentals are available.


Short and catchy names seem to be the order of the day with these e-scooter rental service providers, and Skip is no different in that regard. The San Francisco based startup offers dockless electric scooter rentals, with its targeted USP being that of making larger, sturdier scooters whose use is accompanied by instructional classes. It specifically seeks to set itself apart in this way from LimeBike and Bird.


With an operational footprint that covers 19 US states, Spin can be said to have been somewhat of a bold pioneer in trying to shape the e-scooter rental ride sharing space. Spin reported on more than 5,000 scooter rides in its very first week of operation, with $1 set as the initial price of “unlocking” the scooter, plus a cost of 15 cents per minute to ride.


Lime can probably be classed as a market-leader in the on-demand transportation rental sharing space, in the United States. The rental service is simple and transcends cities around the world. It must be noted though that Lime’s position as the market leader actually encompasses a consideration of their overall service offering, which includes electric bikes and cars as well, so there’s great competition if we only consider the e-scooter portion of the service.


Santa Monica, California based Bird is a serious heavy-hitter in the dockless electric scooter share space, offering scooter sharing services in over 100 cities spanning North America, Europe, and Asia.

The Bird platform appears to be the leading one which VC punters are placing their faith in, with over $415 in funding raised.

Try one or try them all. Either way, remember that these kinds of service providers will likely make use of the best of these e-scooters available on the market, so that would give you a good indication of the best that the market has to offer, before you perhaps invest in an e-scooter of your own.

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