Advantages and Disadvantages of a Mobile Phone Plan


Choosing a mobile phone provider is as difficult as choosing a mobile phone in the first place. You know you are about to make an expensive purchase that will eat a small amount of your pay check every month, but having it will be worth it. The problem arises when you have to choose a mobile phone plan.

Some people believe that spending on a mobile phone plan is unnecessary, but think about it. If you are a business owner who has to make long distance calls every day, needs to be connected to his clients 24/7 and make reports on his android, then you are definitely under the category of people who should buy a good mobile phone to stay connected on the go. There are many things to consider before buying a mobile phone plan. Make sure to compare mobile phone plans before settling on one. If you buy the wrong plan, you would be spending more on your mobile phone bill than you can afford.

Following are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a mobile phone plan:


·        High Minutes and Data Limit

Depending on the plan you choose, you will have a set number of minutes and data that you can use throughout the month. This gives you the benefit of making calls and texting at a set amount rather than paying variable rates.

·        Cheap Contract with a Mobile Phone

The good thing about a mobile phone plan is that they are compatible with all kinds of mobile phones. If you purchase a plan along with your mobile phone, then you will get some discount. This is why most people buy mobile phones straight from the outlet and get the benefit of purchasing a plan at a low price.

·        Unlimited Internet Access

When it comes to internet, few mobile phone plans offer unlimited data. This gives you the benefit of browsing the web and watching videos nonstop. Even if the package comes with limited GBs, you still can use it at a steady speed.


·        Extra Bill Over the Limit

Your next monthly phone bill just came in and you have an extra $100 charge imposed on it. This is because you never know when you might cross the limit of your plan. The charges, after the plan has ended, add up on your bill, which can go quite high. Of course, you can always purchase an unlimited plan, but those are often very expensive.

·        Newer the Model, More Expensive the Contract

What type of mobile phone do you have? The latest iPhone or one of those old Nokia models? The more expensive your mobile, the more expensive it will be to buy a plan afterward.

·        High Internet Rate

Every time you turn your mobile data on, you will be charged a certain amount. This amount will only increase and there’s a possibility that you will run out of credit before the data is completely transferred.

Instead of paying phone bills month-to-month, which will cost you significantly more, it is better to settle on a plan that will keep you in check. Moreover, this way, you will be able to save more and maintain a limit.

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