Hot Tubs: Inflatable vs Structured Tubs

structured hot tub

Both inflatable and structured hot tubs have great qualities but can give an extremely different feel for relaxing outside. Inflatable hot tubs are a great research tool when it comes to deciding whether you want to buy one of the more expensive structured hot tubs for your home. You’ll know with how much you use it whether it’s feasible for yourself to actually upgrade to another style of hot tub.

When you go on a hot tub holiday, whether that be a cottage with a hot tub, a lodge with a hot tub or other. Most of the ones you come across will be structured for longevity. This site has a great guide for finding your perfect hot tub holiday and is a real blessing for if you’re stuck.

The price points between the inflatable and structured hot tubs are completely different with the structured hot tubs being at least ten times the price of an inflatable alternative. This can put people off buying a structured hot tub as they may feel like it isn’t worth it, for them it may not be, it depends on what you want to use your hot tub for. You do get what you pay for, the materials used for inflatable hot tubs are cheaper and less durable, meaning that a puncture requires a bit of work to fix so that you can carry on relaxing. The more expensive tubs are durable and look a little more luxurious with natural wood style sides that don’t look out of place in the garden.

The features of both tubs again, is dependent on what you pay for it. For having fun with friends in the garden through summer, then an inflatable hot tub is probably best. If it’s not features you’re looking for then investing in a cheaper hot tub may meet your needs, especially if you don’t plan on using it through any of the colder months. Inflatable hot tubs are more of a party piece in the garden, that’s not to say that you can’t have a romantic night in, but looks wise, it doesn’t feel as luxurious. on the more expensive hand, you can buy upgrades for the structured hot tubs adding more jets or lighting. There are more options and a more luxurious feel when it comes to sitting inside one of these. If you plan on using it on a regular basis for entertaining friends or for an at home spa for yourself, investing in one of these may suit you more.

When it comes to how practical a hot tub is, the cheaper inflatable option wins. They are portable meaning you can lend it to family and friends and store it away easy if you don’t want to keep it up in your garden. They are the more convenient and less permanent option which is good if you think that the novelty of having a hot tub will wear off over time. The structured hot tub on the other hand is anything but portable and it isn’t easily stored away. The structured hot tub is the permanent option and does require more upkeep when it comes to keeping it clean year round. Depending on the model, these tubs can be more expensive to run.

So overall it depends on how much effort you really want to put into having a hot tub and which one better suits your needs and your lifestyle more. Save the hassle and embark on a hot tub holiday UK instead, there are loads on offer from cottages with hot tubs, lodges with hot tubs to treehouses with hot tubs and romantic breaks for two.

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