Netitude Targets Cyber Security with Its CSR Investment

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I guess we all know all about how the typical Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme run by any company really is usually more to their benefit on the marketing front, but every so often it happens that a company really makes a meaningful contribution to society with its CSR. This is especially true when it involves some money to be invested into the CSR event or programme.

You see normally in addition to the publicity the CSR investors usually milk out of the investment they make, it doubles up as a more “natural” investment in that they stand to make lots of money out of the development of whatever the money is being poured into.

Well, our soft desktop study lamp shines the light on a South West IT company in Netitude, with the Frome based IT Support experts coming in as proud sponsors of the new Bath Spa University Cyber Security Society. This new partnership sees the company which offers technology solutions and support to business throughout the South West investing in both the future of technology and in cyber security in this way.

The society received official recognition in October 2018 and it aims to educate anyone with a willingness to learn, whether they’re from the university or if they’re just from the local community around Bath. Members meet on Thursday evenings from 5-7pm, affording them the opportunity and platform to learn about pioneering cyber security measures as well as ethical hacking, this with the help of Immersive Labs as a co-sponsor.

Immersive Labs provides practical security labs to aid in the development and enhancement of the skills required by cyber professionals. These include cyber professionals of all experience levels. Their platform is derived from world class threat intelligence and has been developed by experts, providing real-time and highly relevant content which is accessed directly in the browser.

The sponsorship from Netitude may primarily be in the form of a direct monetary donation, but the company relishes the prospect of helping students establish a connection with key players in the security market, affording them the opportunity to learn from experienced engineers forming part of the security vendors’ teams.

Over the course of the first year of sponsorship, Netitude will also be providing assistance with the Cyber Security Conference on Friday 10th May 2019, which come with additional monetary support as well as finding suitable vendors to come in and speak at the event.

The event will take place at the Bath University Commons Building, commencing at 7pm. It is open to the SMEs based out of the South West and those further afield. Students who want to learn more about cyber security are also welcome to attend, so too anybody in the wider community.

This sponsorship is undeniably an exciting opportunity for the wider community too, in addition to Netitude itself and the students of Bath Spa University. This sponsorship makes for only the first step towards the promotion of further education into the very important world of cyber security, but a very big one.

The ultimate aim is for businesses and users to come away with some skills and knowledge they can deploy to defend themselves.

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