Perfect Your Social Commerce with a Social Commerce Marketing Agency


The social media landscape is constantly changing. The most recent development is the rapid increase in social commerce marketing. Although social media platforms are an important vehicle to inspire and offer value to your audience, they are evolving into ideal platforms for brands to transact with those that follow them. Using a social commerce marketing agency can help you integrate your social commerce efforts into your social media marketing strategy seamlessly.

The social commerce market has grown exceptionally and is expected to reach over £445 billion globally by 2027. With people spending more time on social media than ever before, it’s understandable why social commerce has grown so rapidly. Given the power social commerce has to drive revenue, it’s become a sector brand that cannot afford to ignore. With the help of a social commerce marketing agency, brands can stay relevant and educated on the newest developments in the social commerce sphere.

Social commerce agencies begin with a complete analysis of your brand’s current social footprint to identify how they can best create strategies that fit into your overall marketing mix and customer journey. Agencies use this information to design bespoke strategies, with assistance across creative, strategy, video production, community management and more.

A key development within social commerce is livestream shopping. Neglecting this function means you are missing out on a huge opportunity. With livestream shopping, brands can use influencers and celebrities to sell products or services through live commerce platforms. This feature has blurred the line between commerce and entertainment. With engaging and dynamic interactions, viewers can have questions and queries answered in real-time.

Social commerce agencies can use paid media to support social commerce marketing campaigns. They have the technology and expertise to identify the best performing organic content and push it to the timelines of those who will be interested to ensure you have the best results possible.

Social commerce is a new and complex development. Working with a social commerce agency means they can identify the best social commerce channels for your brand, taking into consideration your audience and your branding. They can integrate all social commerce solutions for you across the platforms you should activate, and ensure you are set up to receive the results you want from your audience. Whether you need to activate on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest or more, working with a social commerce agency means you will have a bespoke strategy that accurately reflects your brand, and resonates with your audience.

Social commerce agencies are experts in all things social, and this extends to influencer marketing. Agencies have the industry access to tools and analytics to identify key influencers that will be a perfect fit to support your social commerce activities. Whether you want to use influencers to promote shoppable posts or have them host shoppable livestreams, social commerce agencies can discover, vet and brief them for you.

Social commerce agencies are driven by data, including app development and React Native expertise. They will constantly monitor social engagements, interactions, conversations, and conversions to ensure all activity is optimized at all times. By constantly monitoring and analyzing results, and creating reports, you will be in safe hands and receive the results you deserve. Using previous social commerce experience and results, agencies are able to perfectly identify areas that need improvement and where needs boosting in order to see tangible success.

When working with a social commerce agency, you can trust that your brand will always be front and centre to the audiences that matter. With access to new platforms, algorithm and platform changes, new ways to speak to audiences, and the latest trends, your brand will never be left behind again.

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