Preview for West Indies vs England 3rd T20I


The preview of the middle 20I battle between the West Indies and England is up to your attention here. The sides have already played two games in Barbados, while the schedule appoints another three clashes to be played.

The first game was a representation of the acclimatisation phenomenon. Although England arrived on the islands a few days before the first encounter, they looked poorly. Their batting was rather bad as they scored only 103 runs and lost all the wickets just before the end of the last over. None of the cricketers scored even a 30, while experienced Ali Moeen left the pitch with a duck.

The response for the West Indies was easy in such conditions. Also, the English bowlers tried to do their best, and they dismissed only one Hope with 20 runs in the pocket. King’s half-century and Pooran’s 27 finished the game quite late for such conditions in the 17th over. By the way, if you want more free cricket predictions, we recommend subscribing to the specified site using the link.

However, the second game was much better for the visitors, who were regarded as favourites of the series. England started batting first once again, and this time hit 171 runs. And moreover, the guests looked much better at bowling. Thus, after a 17th over, the hosts took only 111 points.

However, signs of a potential comeback came right in the 18th over with 23 runs in it. Unfortunately, West Indies failed the 19th over, so they needed 30 runs in the last one. And Hosein did his best: he scored two 4s and three 6s at the end, but two 1WDs meant 28 runs only and an overall single run loss in the game. If you are fond of sports betting, we recommend that you go to the rating of sports betting sites in India and choose a reliable bookmaker. The last game brought a lot of questions to discuss. Has England finally felt their game? Was the finish of the second game a representation of the Windies character or English weakness? How did the sides use a short break? The bookmakers, however, consider England as favourites, although that is a rather questionable decision.

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