Which States Have Casinos? Which State Has the Most Casinos? Which States Have No Casinos?

casino states

When it comes to gambling, there’s no doubt that it holds a special place in the heart of citizens of the USA; love it or hate it, it’s ingrained in the culture and popularized by the most famous gambling city in the world, Las Vegas. Casinos have been equated with loads of fun, winners and losers, a superior level of entertainment, and world-class, high-end vacations as well.

However, it’s wrong to assume that Las Vegas represents the totality of the United States in this regard – in fact, there are places where putting money on games of chance is still frowned upon, whilst there are states where gambling has been going on for years. Planning to gamble in your state? Here’s a look at US states where you won’t find casinos, US states with the most casinos, and more.

States without casinos

Florida is known for its large tourism industry, so it is quite amazing that there are no casinos in this state. Well, actually, there are some casinos – tribal casinos, for technical purposes – but there are no commercial or resort casinos to be found. Apparently, the Disney company, which owns a large share of the convention space in Florida, has something to do with that.

Hawaii is another famous tourist spot that does not have any commercial or resort casinos. You’d think that honeymooners and families would like to have a go at the card or roulette tables now and again, and that gambling in this state might account for high revenue, but the state has not allowed any gambling activities to flourish.

Utah is another state you will find no form of gambling whatsoever – you won’t even find a racetrack or casino that works for charity. On one hand, you’d think that tribal casinos should be allowed; on the other hand, given the state’s Mormon roots, it may be a logical result.

How many states have casinos?

In total, there are 39 states with land-based casino establishments. This number represents a big increase, especially from the year 1988, when states like Las Vegas and New Jersey (with its Atlantic City) were the only ones with casinos, except for a few states such as New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Maryland.

Which state has the most gambling establishments?

This may come as no surprise to anyone: the answer is Nevada. Nevada, being the home of Las Vegas, is obviously a heavily casino-oriented place, but the second state on the list may come as a surprise: Oklahoma. In fact, Oklahoma has ‘gambling palaces’ and more than 110 Native American parlors for betting.

There’s no doubt that gambling is here to stay – and with more proposed legislation coming up and more major players joining the casino bandwagon (especially online), gambling will always play a big role in American culture.

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