Vaporizers in Babies Rooms Can Help Everyone Breathe Easier

Any parent who has ever listened to a baby trying to breathe with a stuffy nose and stayed up at night listening to rattling sounds that babies sometimes make when breathing knows that they want fast and effective relief for their little one. The question is how to get the best relief from stuffiness, cold and flu symptoms? One of the best recommendations is a vaporizer in the baby’s room to loosen mucus and to help keep airways open and air moving freely.

Dry air in a baby’s room can cause mucus to thicken up and make it so thick that the baby cannot cough it up effectively. Over time, this could lead to an infection. The best vaporiser for baby and the one that is normally recommended is a cool mist vaporizer. This way, baby gets the benefits of cool, moist air without having a hot vaporizer in the baby’s room. A hot vaporizer can lead to a chance of burns, and is a risk that most parents are not willing to take.

Moisturized Air Also Helps Dry Skin Problems

Some babies can also have problems due to dry skin. This can be caused by hereditary conditions or from the existence of natural dryness in the air. A good vaporizer can help to add that much needed moisture to the air and to soothe the itchiness and rashes that can happen when skin is dry.

When heat is on in your home in the winter months, or when weather is cold and damp, dry air is a natural occurrence. No one wants to have itchy skin. This is especially true of babies who don’t have many ways to communicate what is bothering them when they’re tiny. Scratching itchy skin can lead to the skin breaking, providing a place for infections to enter. It’s best to moisturize the air to prevent itchiness whenever possible. 

Does it Matter if Moisturized Air is Cold or Hot?

One of the most frequent questions that come up when considering a vaporizer for a baby’s room is whether the vaporized air should be warm or cold. Cold vaporizers are most often recommended today because they cut out the risk of a baby or small toddler being burned by a heat producing humidifier or vaporizer. The most positive thing is that cold air vaporizers are made today to be an outstanding source of moist air.

A special ultrasonic method is most often used to provide the soothing, moist air for baby’s room. Some misting vaporizers can also be used with soothing and beneficial essential oils to add a pleasant scent to the air. And did you know it really doesn’t matter if the moisturized air provided to babies is hot or cold? By the time the air reaches the bottom of the baby’s lungs, the temperature has evened out to be the same temperature either way. This makes a cool mist humidifier the most often recommended type of vaporizer for babies.


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