Video Game Consoles


A video game console is a computer-based device that enables a user to play interactive computer games via a network of computers. A video game system is often referred to as either a computer game system or a video game console. In recent years, however, the term video game has been applied to any computer program that requires game playing in some way, shape, form, or fashion. Some examples of such computer programs are poker and slot machines.

Video game consoles come in many different forms. The most popular types include Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, and the older GameCube. A video game console can run on a single handheld device called a gamepad or it can be tied into a multi-purpose gaming console like a CD player. Some systems allow players to rent or buy video games ahead of time and download them into their system when they purchase the system. Most video games played over the Internet are downloaded through a web browser.

Video game mechanics and game rules change with technological advancements. Games created years ago usually worked well because the game rules were simple and understood intuitively. As game rules and gameplay became more complicated, gamers had trouble maintaining and understand their meaning. With the advent of video games with complex game mechanics and elaborate game rules, the need to easily explain game mechanics and game rules to non-gamers was compromised.

Gamers are not the only ones who have trouble keeping up with video games’ gameplay. Video game design teams have also struggled with complex game mechanics and gameplay. Computer game designers face a daunting task because of the complexity of modern gaming systems. Many games are designed with limited options for changing game play and can only be altered by adding new programming code or altering game software. This means that the very same video game system can be used for many different types of video games. Even a single change in game play may mean that a previously easy game is now too difficult to beat.

The difficulty of a game is often found in its difficulty to program, analyze, and test. Video game designers have even had to fight for the right to produce a successful video game because certain types of games have helped to spawn entire industry-wide industries. Video game companies are made up of teams of people. Each member performs a specific task to help produce a successful game. To keep the creative juices flowing, members of the game design team must work together to make the game as fun as possible.

Because of the nature of computer games, the profitability of the video game market is limited to a small percentage of overall profits for each platform. PC gaming takes a much larger portion of the market because of the popularity of PC platforms such as the Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and Nintendo Wii. PC gamers spend more money than console gamers and are also more loyal to their favorite brands.

For this reason, computer gaming is growing in popularity on mobile devices. Smart phones and tablets allow players to take part in the video game market just like with PCs. However, with more portable options comes added security. Developers must be concerned with providing security to prevent the use of personal information such as account passwords and user names.

With the advent of Internet based gaming, gamers may have the opportunity to “mod” or modify their favorite video game consoles. Modding allows players to create their own characters and use them in games that require that feature. Changing the graphics, music, and even the names of some players has helped to make these video display systems more popular among the gaming public. With more options available, gamers may be able to enjoy video game-based events for years to come.

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