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Technology marches ever onward, they say, and one merely needs to look at the world today to see the truth in that simple statement. The future is now, and with it comes advances in all walks of life that at one time would have been relegated to nothing more than childish flights of fancy. The entertainment industry is no exception.

‘Smart’ technology is the name of the game here; tools and appliances that not only do what it says on the box, but can be specifically tailored to the needs and preferences of the individual user with the barest minimum of effort or fuss. There are smart televisions, smart radiators, smart kitchens… and now, smart home cinema systems. We’re going to focus on the latter today.

So, what is a ‘smart home cinema system’? Well, the idea is simple – use adjustable technology to give the owner an authentic ‘cinema experience’ in the comfort of their own home – but as with all such simple ideas, the real trick is in the implementation. Attempting to produce a single appliance that did everything for you would be an immensely complicated and hellishly expensive endeavour, if it was even possible at all, so the smart system does the opposite. By taking a number of individual devices, each purchased separately and maybe even produced by entirely different companies, and connecting them together in a unified wireless ‘web’, it becomes possible to control an entire virtual cinema with a single device; your remote, your mobile phone or even purely via the sound of your own voice.

Speakers and other sound systems are perhaps the most obvious and well known application of this technology, for good reason; no two homes are entirely alike, and thus no two clients will get the same performance from a standardised layout. Smart technology allows you to adjust your systems for these personal foibles, and even compensate for more unique circumstances. You might have an alcove in one wall, so you put a speaker there to take best advantage of the unusual acoustics, or maybe someone is doing roadworks outside and you need to turn up the volume on just the nearest speakers to compensate; smart technology does it all.

As with any such technology, there are a wide range of brands and individual products to choose from, many of which have been reviewed by amateurs and professionals alike; we strongly recommend doing your research before committing to a specific purchase. Choosing the right system for your needs is the entire point of the technology, after all, and you’d hardly be the first to pick your way through the confusing labyrinth of weighing up your choices and settling on one that works for you; there are any number of blogs and articles that can help guide you along the way.

Ultimately, a smart home cinema system is an investment in personal comfort. Set up properly, it gives you complete control over every facet of your home entertainment experience, in a way that limits the stress and confusion of balancing half a dozen different pieces of specialist equipment. If that sounds like the sort of thing you would be interested in, then please, follow one of the links above and start giving serious thought to the whole idea. You won’t regret it.

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