Cool Car Features


Car designs improve almost by the day, it seems. Many car manufacturers appear to be aiming to provide cars that do the driving for you and include a long list of bells and whistles. You can read more about any of these car brands at

The rear view camera has become an almost standard safety feature on late model cars. Some car manufacturers like Infiniti don’t stop there. Infiniti’s new cars feature cameras that provide a complete view around your vehicle, from the back, from the front and from each side. It’s thought that having a greater field of vision will help drivers avoid accidents and collisions. Some car makers have even included audible notifications to go with the cameras notifying drivers to avoid the obstruction.

As you head to your car with your hands full of books, groceries, furniture, or whatever you happen to be carrying, fumbling for your keys to unlock the door can be a pain. That’s no longer the case for some cars like the new models from Subaru that feature hands free unlocking when it senses you, and your keys, approaching. You can set the vehicle to only unlock the driver’s side door, or all four doors and the trunk for optimal convenience.

Heated seats have been around for a while and are a great feature to have if you live in a place that gets cold in the winter. Cooled seats are a newer development in the car market and are equally pleasant if you live in a warm climate. Massaging seats are on a whole different level that one would come to expect from a car maker with the reputation that Mercedes-Benz has. The company’s S-class sedans feature massaging seats that deliver a host of different kinds of massages, perfect after a long day in the office.

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