What you would need for your first web hosting

If you are just building your first website either for yourself or your business, there are some things that you are going to need. This article will discuss the various things you

Six Tech Trailblazers to Follow for 2020

TED talks help make the tech sector more accessible than it has ever been before. Some tricky subjects have been opened up to the masses. People are clearly keen to learn about

3 Tips for Choosing a Chess App for You

Like a lot of people, I take my phone and tablet with me everywhere I go. So, I’m always looking for new and fun apps to try. I recently came across a

Point of Sale Marketing & Optimizing POS

If you thought marketing ends when the customer walks into your retail store, then you are wrong. Poor marketing strategy at the point of sale can cost you a lot of sales.

How to make your business a safer place

For the majority of small business owners their companies are their livelihood, and the thought of the enterprise they’ve worked so hard to build being put at risk doesn’t bear thinking about.

What’s Leaving Netflix in February 2017

Are you ready for brand new Netflix Originally produced movies and TV shows? A new collection of movie titles and hit TV series is set to hit your screens as soon as

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